Firearms industry

Orion firearms training prides itself on complete discretion and commercial in confidence.

The range can be made available for your company’s sole use throughout the day, so you can get on with the important business of sales, demonstration, research, development and/or training.

We Provide

A private place away from distractions.
Unfettered sole access to the range. 
Safety supervision/spotters if required.
Guaranteed bookings, unlike many Military ranges we never cancel at a moment’s notice.
Covered firing out to 900m.
Realistic field firing conditions.
Assistance with targets if required.
Formal firearms/rifle training input for staff.

TV/Film Industry

Whatever your requirements; whether a production company or Industry related we offer the ideal location in the Welsh hills for all firearms related filming. We can provide a discreet safe bubble to enable you to achieve your aim as time efficiently as possible.

Professional advice and input is available from our instructors on all firearms related matters to ensure you get the shots you need as realistically as possible.