Elite Rifle Days

Elite Rifle Days

Our instructor will instill confidence in your own ability and kit. Whether assisting with the set up of your new rifle and scope, preparing you for a hunting/ game shooting trip of a lifetime or improving your marksmanship for competition. A bespoke day tailor made to your own requirements is the day to invest in.

 We will take you through a variety of scenarios to greatly enhance your capability with a 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 and a 4:1 package. You can shoot from 50 to 1400 metres (subject to confirmation by the office to shoot over 1000m) in some of the finest topography Britain has to offer.

The time to find out that your skills require honing is not on live quarry or in competition. We learn to shoot on the rifle range, we learn to hunt in the field. The rifle range provides a controlled environment where you have the time to understand the variations in ballistics, weather conditions, and topography in order to ensure a successful shot, regardless of shooting position, when it really matters.

We can:

  • Help you gain consistency that ensures your shots are successful  
  • Enhance your capabilities and those of your rifle/scope combination.
  • Provide you with your own personal ballistic data charts to enable you get the most from your kit and equipment
  • Give you confidence, whatever your quarry, targets or hunting aims, at whatever the distance.


Bespoke hands-on training tailored to your needs, exclusive access to the range.

Use of our rifles by prior arrangement. Ammunition can be provided and will be charged for on the day.


£590 inc VAT per person for 1:1 tuition
£825 inc VAT for 2 people for 2:1 tuition  £960 inc VAT for 3 people for 3:1 tuition  £1065 inc VAT for 4 people for 4:1 tuition


1 day – 9am to 4pm