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MSOs – Maritime Firearms Training   Course

A one day course specifically designed in conjunction with MIRIS International for the Maritime industry in accordance with ISO/PAS 28007, SCEG Industry best practice guidelines. .

If your firearms training provider is not providing full-bore 7.62 mm cal at realistic distances then they are not adhering to either of the above guidelines and are frankly selling you short. Sub calibre .22 weapon systems have almost no recoil and solely training on these weapon systems does not in any way provide firearms competency.

The course is designed so that you can deploy on protection duties safe in the knowledge that you have the correct safe weapon handling skills in all scenarios.  Have a good knowledge of the capability of a variety of weapon systems, different calibres as well as the types of ammunition natures you may come across. Firearms safety and good marksmanship are essential to firearms competency. Through a variety of ever more challenging progressive scenarios your skills will be honed and fine-tuned to give you the confidence in your own ability to be part of a professional team and a credit to your chosen PMSC.

The Course

Areas covered on the course:

Introduction to weapons systems and ammunition natures

Bore sighting and zeroing

NSPs revision, dry drills, safe weapon handling and carriage in a Maritime environment 

Multi position shooting

Multi target acquisition and snap shoots

Water signature scenario shoots out to 400m

Stripping/assembling, maintenance cleaning regime

The Range 

Orion Firearms Training range facility continues to provide the best real-life scenario Maritime Firearms Training in the UK.  Using steel reactive targets the feedback is instant and your learning curve steep. We make maximum use of live fire range time as we firmly believe live fire in relevant calibre’s at realistic ranges is the only way to improve safety, overall awareness and good marksmanship.

Fully Licensed and Insured to carry out firearms training our course allows you to train and live fire Section 1 full-bore rifles in the folllowing platforms ( subject to meeting course criteria and due diligence checks)

M4 Carbine

AK Variants

Semi-auto/pump action shotgun; Mossberg, Benelli 


5.56 and 7.62 bolt action rifle e.g. Steyr Scout, Remington 700, Howa   1500


Widely recognised throughout the Industry as the Gold Standard for firearms competency, the course is recognised by the majority of reputable PMSC's within the industry and has a completely open and transparent policy which allows any PMSC to view one of our courses to familiarise themselves with the level of training and standards offered.  

Due Diligence 

To qualify for the course you need:

Proof of service or testimonial from Armed Forces or Police.

Military/Police ID if still serving.

You need at least 3 years infantry experience.

Clean CRB within the past 12 month

This course is suitable for both first time attendees and those who have previously completed a maritime firearms competency course with us or elsewhere.

Maritime Firearms Competency Course Testimonials:

NW, 21st January 2014, Having completed the course last year would recommend to others.  Feel the calibre of weapons used is in line with what is used within the industry.  Having attended other Maritime courses in the past this is definitely a better course.

DC, 04th February 2014, This is my 2nd time using this course provider and again I personally can't fault the information given, knowledge on offer and the instructional abilities given on a one to one basis.  A well run and organised range.

MS, 20th November 2013, Having attended other courses I was particularly happy with how things were conducted.  The instruction was relevant and at the correct pace, training to pass rather than 'catch you out' Will recommend to all in the industry.

RN, 20th November2013, The MFTC was a great eye opener on the different weapons systems, calibres and ammo used in the maritime industry.  I am now better prepared to undertake duties where different weapon systems are concerned in the industry.

JT, 05th November 2013, The second time I have attended this course and yet again it's provided to be an excellent training and refresher package.  Enjoyable and helped by Jon's professional and informal style.  Everything covered has relevance to the maritime industry at present.  Well done to the Orion team.

IT, 02nd August 2013, It was a great course in all aspects, I would highly recommend to all

To Book: Please call the office on: 01686 412113


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MFTC Training with firearms instructor, rifle use, ammunition, use of our equipment (ear defenders, body armour), insurance, lunch and hot drinks throughout the day.

This is a pass or fail course and successful graduates will be issued with a certificate valid for one year.


£330 Per Person Incluing VAT 


1 day – 9am to 5pm.